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Journal of Finance and Accounting, 2022

Bitcoin, the opensource software protocol accounting system, is a revolutionary metric of finance that has increased in popularly, but more importantly, has increased substantially in value against the Dollar over the previous few years. This paper highlights the fundamentals of valuing Bitcoin by understanding how it is valued as a usable currency and then, helps to guide how it can and is being used as an alternative source of potential equity for global corporate institutions. This paper looks at the challenges faced in maintain and accounting for traditional equity, that is equity backed by the Dollar, and looks at how crypto currency is creating transparency in the financial accounting system.

Journal of Education and Practice, 2019

This paper evaluates the application of Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory which states that children gain knowledge, at least complex thought, from social interactions with adults and wiser children. It also completes Vygotsky’s theory. It is necessary to review this theory at this point in time to help continue to fulfill the needs of adaptive learning for parents and educators. The significance is that even after decades of existence and study, Vygotsky’s theory remains an important review in the areas of social development, especially among youths.

University of Oxford, 2015

Common resources slowly dwindle while the global marketplace is more accessible than it ever has been. Consumers purchase using emotional behavior more than rational thought. It will take careful consideration by all economies to ensure that we are able to understand the world’s wants for the foreseeable future.

American Public University, 2013

Informal rulemaking is the non-statutory process of creating, administering and monitoring rules throughout government agencies. Barriers to entry, competition and regulatory need are all proponents of the informal rulemaking process. This is the rulemaking process used in regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The process of informal rulemaking is critical to the outcome of effective decrees. Specific requirements must be met in order to make the informal rulemaking process legal and legitimate.

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